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Electric Equipment Rebates


For many years Daviess-Martin County REMC has offered rebates to members who choose to use energy wisely by upgrading or installing energy efficient heat pumps, geothermal units or heat pump water heaters.

Each incentive has conditions that must be met, and an overview of these programs are printed below. Details and a rebate request form can be downloaded here.

Home Heating/Cooling

Incentives are available for residential single family homes. This includes condominiums. Heating/cooling incentives are limited to two per home. Multi-family buildings are not considered single family homes and are negotiated on an individual basis.

Air Source Heat Pump, Dual Fuel, Mini-split Heat Pump

  • Traditional stick-built and modular housing - minimum 16 SEER rating
  • Manufactured housing* – minimum 14 SEER rating
  • Dual/variable speed compressor: $750 rebate
  • Units that do not qualify include:
    • Window AC units or heat pumps
    • “Thru-the-wall” AC units or heat pumps (hotel-type machines)


Heat Pump, Mini-split Heat Pump or Dual Fuel Replacing 100% Electric Resistance Heat

  • Examples: electric furnace, electric baseboard, electric ceiling cable
  • Traditional sick-built and modular housing - minimum 16 SEER
  • Manufactured housing* – minimum 14 SEER rating
  • Single speed compressor heat pump: $800 rebate
  • Dual/variable speed compressor heat pump: $1,500 rebate

* Mobile/manufactured homes are defined as:

  • Factory assembled; Transportable; Designed for transportation on own chassis; Can be placed on temporary or permanent foundation; Intended for year-round occupancy
  • Note: Modular homes are considered residential single family homes.
  • Mini-split systems in manufactured homes must be minimum of 16 SEER.


Geothermal Heat Pump

  • Geothermal incentive: $1,500 rebate
    • Incentive requires a desuperheater installation for new installation geothermal systems only

Home Upgrades


Water Heating - Heat pump or hybrid water heaters (all in one units)

  • $400 rebate - minimum 40 gallon size


Lighting - Energy Efficient LED bulbs

  • Online store with free shipping
  • Minimum purchase of 6 lamps is required
  • Instant rebate is applied to purchase

New Home Construction


Touchstone Energy Home

  • New home construction program offered at no charge to homeowners and builders
  • Homes must meet Touchstone Energy Home Standards and program requirements
  • Provides a certified energy rating, home rating documents, and Touchstone Energy Home certification to the co-op, builder and homeowner
  • Visit for details and qualifications


Dual Fuel Touchstone Energy Home

  • Same construction requirement for all-electric Touchstone Energy Home
  • Requires ≥ 90% AFUE fossil fuel furnace with 100% combustion air coming from outside
  • Requires ≥ 16 SEER heat pump
  • No guaranteed heating costs
  • Visit for details and qualifications



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