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Tree Trimming

If you notice trees or brush growing in or near your service lines, contact the operations department to notify them of the issues. Our brush contractors can get the problem taken care of in an effort to maintain the reliability of your service during storms and to protect your safety. Never attempt to trim near electrical lines- always allow the experts to do it! Call us today at 812-295-4200 or 800-762-7362.

Rights of Way

The REMC use rights-of-way to access the Cooperative's electric lines on private property. Properly cleared and accessible rights-of-way help us provide the quick response to service issues and high-level of reliability that our members deserve.

Properly Cleared Right-of-Way

Photo of properly cleared right of  way.

A properly cleared right of way provides ample space for REMC vehicles, employees, and contractors access to the electric lines.

Improperly Cleared Right-of-Way

Photo of right-of-way not properly maintained.

An improperly cleared right-of-way inhibits access by REMC vehicles, employees, and contractors for the installation, maintenance, and repair of electric lines.


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