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Ways to Pay

Daviess-Martin County REMC offers several options to make paying your bill more convenient. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact member services at (812) 295-4200.


Access your account from anywhere with SmartHub.

With SmartHub, the power of data is in your hands through convenient account management and detailed electric use information. SmartHub is a mobile and web application that delivers accurate, timely account information and allows you to make payments in a secure environment, right from your mobile device or computer.

The two-way communication available with SmartHub allows you to notify us of account and service issues while providing us a way to inform you of special offers, programs, events and more.

Pay By Phone

Paying by phone is easy and convenient.

Daviess-Martin County REMC now has an automated, secure phone system specifically for taking payments, any time of the day. This system is the only way the co-op will accept payment by phone, in order to keep our members’ information secure and prevent credit card fraud.

Members can call 1-888-222-0624 and pay with a debit or credit card. Daviess-Martin County REMC accepts VISA, Mastercard and Discover.

This automated phone system is:

  • Secure
  • Convenient
  • Available 24/7
  • Accessible from any phone

There is no additional fee for this service. No computer or internet access is required. Before you call you need your account number or phone number. After dialing you will go to the main menu. You’ll be promoted to press numbers for the actions you wish to complete. Before you can make a payment with a check or credit card you will need to create a 4 digit PIN number.

Fraud Alert

Daviess-Martin County REMC will NEVER contact you over the phone asking for payment. Other co-ops have reported members receiving phone calls from someone posing as the power company and demanding payment to avoid disconnection. In order to initiate a payment transaction, you must call us, and use this automated system. If you receive a phone call of this nature, please hang up and contact the authorities.

Credit Card

Daviess-Martin County REMC accepts Mastercard, Visa and Discover credit cards for payment.

You may either pay on-line with your credit card through our SmartHub system, or call 1-888-222-0624 to pay by credit card over the phone.

(In order to maintain the highest level of security, credit card payments can no longer be made by calling the REMC office.)

Auto Bank Draft

Auto bank draft is the most convenient way to pay your electric bill.

Paying your bill is never a pleasant task – but we can make it easier with Electronic Funds Transfer. Just print off this application form, complete it and return it to Daviess-Martin County REMC.

Avoid late fees and save the cost of a stamp. Each month you will continue to receive your electric bill. On the bill, it will state that you will not need to pay by check. Instead, the amount shown on the bill will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account, before the bill due date, usually the 23rd of the month.

Important note: If you have a current balance, setting up AutoPay will NOT pay that balance for the current month. The AutoPay will begin with your net calculated bill cycle. 

Budget Billing

Equalize your monthly bill with budget billing.

Billing amounts are determined by estimating your twelve months’ electric usage. The member will be billed an amount determined by the co-op based on past kWh usage.  The member agrees to pay the fixed amount each month for 11 months. The 12th month (May of each year), the member either pays the difference in what was actually used, or receives a refund if he or she has overpaid by $50 or more.

Sign up today by calling the Daviess-Martin County REMC office or contact us by email.


Make a convenient stop at our drive-thru window.

Our office has a drive-thru window open Monday thru Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for those members who like the convenience of paying from their car.

Night Deposit

Drop off your payment after hours in our night deposit box.

You may drop off your payment any time after hours and leave it in the night depository located at the drive-thru window.

Payments are a breeze with a SmartHub account. Sign up now.